Mahadevsthan Project

At present CEEN has selected Mahadevsthan village development committee to improve on the socio-economic status of the people by the production of beehive briquettes and selling them to the market. CEEN has selected this area mainly because of three reasons. Firstly it is near from city, secondly the availability of raw materials are abundant and thirdly the villagers of Mahadevsthan are enthusiastic and are really interested to produce and sell beehive briquettes as

an income generating activity. CEEN helped the local women to organize "Bandevi Briquette Nirman Samuha" and build the capacity of the women´s group by conducting training on the production, use and sales of bio-briquettes. CEEN provided the group with briquette molds for producing briquettes and established linkage with the briquette dealers in Kathmandu so that the group does not have to worry for selling the briquettes. The villagers are happy with CEEN for this kind of activity.