1) CEE Nepal will be a willing partner in conducting Research and Experiments in the field of its interest with specific focus on Action Research.

2) Innovative technical and financing solutions are at the core of CEEN´s activities to achieve its objective.

3) Helping to create social organizations at the local level to access opportunities for sustainable use and management of local resources and planning and implementation of energy and environment program.

4) Improving efficiencies of productive rural activities with help of technologies that are based upon the use of local skill and resources which rural mass are comfortable with.

5) CEE Nepal believes that rural development program can not succeed without active participation of rural mass at all level of development activities.

6) Education and social awareness are key to rural development and hence CEE will place its special attention on these programs.

7) Cultivating new habit, use and management of new technologies takes time and needs persistent and constant efforts.

8) Upgrading the socio-economic status of women through technologies with labour saving options and income generating activities.